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C. John Taylor: Poet/Artist/Composer

C John Taylor at the easel

Born on 6th February 1915 in Stockport C. John Taylor at the age of three years first showed signs of having an artistic talent. He grew up with two brothers Arthur, Bert and Sister Anne.

C John Taylor started his working life in Liverpool in a wholesale drapery warehouse, IG and J Cooper. His office manager asked him about his passion for art and took him downstairs to an unused studio where he painted in his lunch hour and sold his work to leading department stores for 18 shillings, it cost him 4 pence hapenny!

He met his wife at this place of work. She was Jean MacIntyre Carmichael. Jeans family were from Loch Buie in Mull.

At 18, he had his own business a manufacturing chemist, employing 85 demonstrators who would promote the various products throughout the UK in leading department stores. During this time, he won the best advertising award in the UK, for his pro-active and imaginative marketing.

C. John Taylor married Jean and set up their home in West Newton house, near Carlisle. They started their own family, Sheena, Barbara, John, David, and Duncan and Fiona.

Always keen on politics he was a parliamentary candidate for Penrith and Border, missing election by only three votes, however he was Chairman for Carlisle city council for many years.

Whilst the children spent their school holidays on Seil Island, C. John Taylor and wife Jean were keen to relocate to Seil Island.
They bought coolas building in Ellenabeich. C. John always had a paintbrush to hand and started a serious collection of works.

The coolas shortly developed into an art gallery and gradually more and more merchandise was introduced, calling his new business “Highland Arts Exhibition”.

Within no time, he bought the Oban branch and found the village of Luss, (by accident staying in a hotel), later to open there along with Inveraray and latterly Callander. Highland Arts Exhibition now had several branches. Sons John, David and Duncan were involved in the business from day one and later one of his nine grandchildren, Jane also joined.

Products were being produced exclusively for Highland Arts, including prints, poetry, and many more gifts that are exclusive. This was far more than a Scottish Gift shop.


His first poem written was when he turned 60 years old and it was on a Sunday morning. Writing poetry was a way to relax, it naturally flowed, with rhythm and in harmony. Since that Sunday, he has written over 1,000 poems.

Every November, typically the end of a season C. John Taylor and his wife Jean would travel to warmer climates, later in his life they became fond of cruising and travelled around the world painting, sketching, writing poetry, and music. At the end of the voyage he would hold an exhibition on board of up to 100 pieces of work displayed which were completed on board his trip.

Sadly, his wife passed away on the 07th Feb 1985 in Tahiti on a world cruise.
C. John Taylor did re-marry to Ida Marie Samuels Brusse who was a friend of Jean on the cruises. (They spent 12 many happy years together).

C. John Taylor never stopped working to his dying day, 84 years old on board the Saga Rose on 11th Feb 1998. (Almost in the same location as his former wife and almost on the same day).

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