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C J Taylor, Poet, Artist, and Composer.

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His works are in famous private collections worldwide. A professional artist since the age of 14 he studied at Liverpool college of art and has worked on location in India, Israel, USA, China, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Egypt, Greece, Italy, Brazil, Madeira, and the United Kingdom. He painted the wildlife of South Africa. Amongst his exhibited portraits of famous contempories are HM the Queen, HRH prince of Wales, Sir Winston Churchill, Mahatma Ghandi, Margaret Thatcher, John F Kennedy, Charlie Chaplin, Russell Harty, John Osborne, Sir John Betjeman and numerous others.


Good poetry is a ladder upon which out thoughts can unhindered ascend to atmospheres uplifting, inspiring, regenerating far very far removed, from the ordinary often monotonous frequently demanding routine of daily experience.
C. J Taylor (New Years Eve 1977)